Expatriates’ rights against oppression

Article 31 of the Kuwait Constitution prohibits the arrest or detention of anyone, as well as the restriction of his freedom or home confinement, if the action is not in line with the law.


This is what a good number of judges and attorneys have considered following what they think is “illegal” stopping expatriates on check points without securing permission from the Public Prosecution Office. Security men usually do random checking in vehicles or accommodation to find out the expatriates’ legal status in Kuwait.


Legislators believe that there are only two valid reasons for the authorities to inspect expatriates; one, after getting clearance from the Public Prosecution or General Investigation Department and two, if the person is caught in the act of irregularity.


As legislators believe that expatriates have the right to privacy, it is expected that expatriates on the other hand, must comply with the rules and regulations of Kuwait regarding legal permits, residency status and other related legal matters.



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