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Expat Singles Evacuation Law Enforced, Violators To Be Prosecuted

expats law violators

Kuwait: As accommodation and apartment rates comes higher every year, and the salary of an ordinary workers remains the same, no wonder everyone is trying to be thrifty and carefully manage their monthly salary. Most Asian single expats also known as bachelors are sharing with their friends, so that they can rent a small room or a makeshift room [partition] near their place of work and moreover, to save money on transportation. However, there’s a law in Kuwait that prohibits every single expats to reside in private accommodation districts and residential areas.

Expat singles evacuation law violators ‘to be prosecuted’

KUWAIT: Breaching a law that forces expat singles out of ‘private accommodations’ will not be tolerated and violators will be prosecuted, Minister of State for Municipal Affairs and Minister of Communications Essa Al-Kandari said yesterday. The cabinet has entrusted Kuwait Municipality with combating the phenomenon of expat singles residing in private accommodation districts, the Minister said in a press statement following a wide-scale meeting for the authority’s senior officials and heads of sectors.

He referred to areas allocated for building government houses, and where licensing of constructing apartment buildings is not allowed. The government had recently formed a committee consisting of members representing the concerned state bodies to undertake the inspection and evacuation task, Kandari indicated.

Evacuation will start with the areas of low density of expat singles, he said, while alternatives will be sought for other high density ones, such as building labor or company towns, Kandari said. Meanwhile, the Minister called for a field plan to counter the ‘flagrant’ building irregularities in private accommodations. —KUNA

[via KuwaitTimes]

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