Encourage your children to be responsible

Encourage your children to be responsible.
Encourage your children to be responsible.

Expats are of two kinds here in Kuwait; one is living away from family left in their home country and the other is living together with family.

Household service workers, skilled workers and some Visa 18 cannot bring their family here in Kuwait for some valid reasons. For the many Visa 18 holders who have the privilege to stay with their family here often enroll their children in good schools which is costly but then, education is very important.

Expat parents also pamper their spouse and their children with day off trips to the mall, shopping,cinema movies, dine out, latest gadgets and many more. Some expats regularly send remittances, balikbayan boxes full of goods and even gadgets too for their family back home.

This is not wrong actually, but as hard working expats, we must also encourage our children to be responsible. We can make them remember that finishing their education is for their own good, not ours. We can remind them that it is not always good to be materialistic because this will not last long. Hard work, patience and determination are very helpful for their young minds. Most of all, make your children understand and accept the truth that you will not forever be an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) or expat, one day you will need to retire, sooner or later.

If your children are responsible, their own life will become easier.

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