EMGOLDEX : Scam or Legit Business?

Gold Investment

EmGoldex : Scam o Legit? More and more Filipinos in the Philippines and abroad says that they are making money of these so called ‘Gold’ investment.

According to sources, investors who are invested the amount of P1,000 are making profits ranging from P5,000 to P1,000. Moreover, if an investor is willing to invest the amount of P35,000, then they will get P180,000 to P36,000 as promised by EmGoldex.

Last year, civil fraud charges are being filed against US EmGoldex investors. ~ behindmlm

Last February 15, 2015, the Philippine Consulate General in Hong Kong SAR posted an advisory on their FaceBook page, that says,

Per verification, Emgoldex Philippines is not a registered corporation or partnership. Likewise, such entity is not authorized to solicit investments from the public as it did not secure prior registration and/or license or permit to solicit investments from the Commission as required under Section 8.1 of the Securities Regulation Code.

And here’s a video of Mr. Francisco J. Colayco, sharing his thoughts about EmGoldex Philippines.

Ikaw Kabayan, anong masasabi mo tungkol sa EmGoldex?

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