Eid Holiday Celebration

eid celebrateLike every important holiday, people have plans for celebration. It does not matter how much your budget is, you just can’t help but celebrate. It is a tradition to buy new clothes for Eid, but some people prefer to travel.

You can travel to Bahrain with your family for a week, buy new clothes there, and spend about KD 2,000 for the holiday.

You may not have been able to celebrate last year, but you saved up and now you can buy a skirt and a matching blouse to wear on the first day of Eid. During the Eid holiday, you can to go to the cinema, restaurants and cafes. Even have a picnic in the desert with your fiancé.

If your family does not live with you in Kuwait, then you’ll probably be celebrating with them through the internet.

Some of you may feel better in giving to charity instead of buying new outfits for yourself for the Eid holiday.

Maybe, you have outgrown the tradition of buying new clothes, and now you don’t care much and mostly wear the traditional dishdasha. So you will spend the whole holiday at the chalet with friends and family in addition to going on sea trips from there. You can go to Kubar and maybe stay overnight there.

You can simply take your family out for lunch on the first day of Eid and buy clothes just for your children.

It does not have to be expensive, just celebrate! Happy Eid!

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