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Duty and Taxes for imported leather bags and handbags

Yves Saint Laurent hand bags. (source:spentmydollars(.)com
Yves Saint Laurent hand bags. (source:spentmydollarsdotcom)

With the recent issue of a Filipina required to pay a certain amount for an imported hand bag prior to its release at a postal office in the Philippines, Kabayan in Kuwait has done some research about specific countries’ duty and taxes on imported leather hand bags.

Following are the countries with large Filipino migrants population.


 Import duty & taxes and import restrictions for Leather handbag, Leather bag
Country of Import MFN Duty rate Sales Tax Additional Duties & Taxes
Australia 5% 10% Import Processing Charge
AU$ 48.85
Canada 10% Depends on Province
Hong Kong 0% No Sales Tax
Italy 3% 22%
Japan 14% 8%
Kuwait 5% No Sales Tax
Macau 0% No Sales Tax
Malaysia 0% 6%
New Zealand 5% 15%
Norway 0% 25%
Oman 5% No Sales Tax
Philippines 15% 12%
Qatar 5% No Sales Tax
Saudi Arabia 5% No Sales Tax
Singapore 0% 7%
South Korea 8% 10%
Sweden 3% 25%
Taiwan 6.60% 5%
Thailand 30% 7%
United Arab Emirates 0% No Sales Tax
United Kingdom 3% 20%
United States 9% Depends on State Merchandise Processing Fee
Vietnam 25% 10%

Source: dutycalculatordotcom

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