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DOTC Advisory Prohibited Items Updated List

Manila, Philippines: Department of Transportation and Communications.
Manila, Philippines: Department of Transportation and Communications. (DOTC)

Memorandum Circular 02 Series of 2015

To: All Concerned

Subject: Revised Prohibited Items List

In the course of evolving levels of threat affecting transportation security in the international and domestic level, this Office has revised its policy guidelines relative to prohibited items issued on June 30, 2015.

Pursuant to Section 1 of Executive Order 277, approving and adopting the National Civil Aviation Security Program (NCASP) incorporating in itself all other general principles of international aviation pertaining to to security of civil aviation and transportation, hereby adopts and promulgate the following revised guidelines on prohibited items on board the aircraft.

List of prohibited items according to each category. This chart applies to flight originating in the Philippines.

Items Carry-on / Cabin Baggage Checked-In/Hold Baggage Remarks
Air gun No No
Ammunition Shells, Bullets No No
and other component
Bolt gun No No
Component of Guns/Firearms No No
Compressed Air gun No No
Firearms No No All forms of firearms
Flare gun No No and guns must be
Harpoon gun No No endorsed to the
Nail gun No No appropriate Law
Pellet guns No No Enforcement Officer
Pistol gun No No (Presidential Decree
Projectile-capable devices No Yes No. 1886)
(Slingshot, Bow & Arrow
Replicas & immitation No No
Revolver No No

Rifle                                           No                                    No

Shot gun                                   No                                     No

Spear gun                                 No                                     No

Sports-related firearm           No                                     No

DOTC Advisory Prohibited Items Updated List Part 2

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