DOTC Advisory Prohibited Items Updated List 3

Prohibited items list part 3.
Prohibited items list part 3.
D. Workers’ Tools
Crow Bars No Yes
Drills/drill bits (including
portable power grills) No Yes
Extension Cords No Yes
G.I. wires (alambre) No Yes
Hammers No Yes
Nails No Yes
Pliers No Yes
Retractable Tape Measure No Yes
Saws (including cordless
portable saws) No Yes
Screwdrivers No Yes
Tapes (Duct tapes, Packaging
tape, Masking tape, etc.) No Yes
Wrenches No Yes
E. Blunt Instruments
All metal chains No Yes
Baton sticks No Yes
Billiard sticks No Yes
Boat Paddles No Yes
Bowling/Billiard Balls No Yes
Cane Umbrella No Yes
Clubs/Sticks/Bats/Rods No Yes
Cricket Paddle No Yes
Crutches/Walking Sticks/aids No Yes Allowed into the
cabin of an aircraft
if carried/used by an
elderly, or a person
with reduced mobi-
lity or a person with
a visible need of
such mobility aid.
Such items shall be
screened and/or
physically inspected
for anomalies.
Dumbbells/hand weights No Yes
Fishing Hooks (Large) No Yes
Fishing rods No Yes
Grindstone Knives (panghasa) No Yes
Ice skates/Skateboard No Yes
Kayak/Canoe Paddles No Yes
Knuckles (brass/metal) No Yes
Lacrosse Sticks No Yes
Paintball Equipment No Yes
Scuba Diving Equipment No Yes
Ski poles/hiking poles No Yes
rackets No Yes
Tripod (Large) No Yes

To be continued..


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