DOTC Advisory Prohibited Items Updated List 2

Second part of prohibited items updated list.
Second part of prohibited items updated list.
Stunning Devices Carry-on / Cabin Baggage Checked-In/Hold Baggage Remarks
Acid Spray No Yes
Insect/Animal Repellent Spray No Yes
Mace/Pepper Spray No Yes
Stun gun No Yes
Tear gas No No
Objects with sharp points and edges. (All objects with sharp points and edges are not
allowed in cabin; Any sharp objects in checked baggage should be sheathed or securely
wrapped to prevent injury to baggage handlers.
Axe No Yes
Bayonet No Yes
Bolos No Yes
Box Cutter No Yes
Butterfly Knife (balisong) No Yes
Canned goods easy open lids No Yes
Cleaver No Yes
Cock fighting knives/blades No Yes
Cork screw No Yes
Disguised objects sharp edges No Yes
Diving knife No Yes
Hatchet No Yes
Ice picks No Yes
Ice Axes No Yes
Knives No Yes
Letter Openers No Yes
Medical Scalpel No Yes
Nipper/pusher/nail file/
nail cutter with knife No Yes
Open razors/blades No Yes
Pocket comb weapon No Yes
Pocket folded knife No Yes
Sabers No Yes
Scissors No Yes
Sword No Yes


DOTC Advisory Prohibited Items Updated List Part 1

To be continued..

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