Do’s and Don’ts of Work Contract

A work contract or an employment contract is an agreement between both the employer and the employee that sets out terms and conditions of employment. Although an agreement can be done verbally, if the worker is locally hired and employed only in the Philippines. However, a written employment contract is a must, if a company or an employer hired Filipinos to work and to be deployed abroad.


  1. Read and understand the work contract before you sign on it.
  2. Once the contract has been signed, you have to do fulfill accordingly your duties as an OFW.
  3.  The employer should also comply and follow the contract stipulations with regards to the physical, mental, emotional well being of the employee. The agreed salary must be paid on time as well as the benefits promised.
  4. Both employee and employer should have easy access to the employment agency in any event the need arises or any complaints from both parties .
  5. The employee should finish his / her work contract and the employer should respect if the OFW no longer wants to renew his / her contract.


  1. Do not sign any contract if you did not understand what is written on it.
  2. Both OFW and employer should not disregard any of the agreed points written on the contract. There should be no spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, moral and financial anguish on both employee and employer.
A work contract is very important for any OFW. (photo credit to owner)
A work contract is very important for any OFW. (photo credit to owner)


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