Contingency Planning: Standard Procedure

Contingency Planning: Standard Prodecure
Contingency Planning: Standard Prodecure

(From Con. Gen. Atty. Raul H. Dado, social media page, July 19, 2015)

CONTINGENCY PLANNING is always a part of standard planning and operating procedure. It’s SOP. It doesn’t mean that there will be a mass evacuation; it only ensures that the Filipinos in Kuwait are being especially thought of by their government in its plans.

Right now, the Embassy has spoken to its counterparts in the Kuwait government and has been assured that all is peaceful.

The bombers came from abroad and not from inside Kuwait, and authorities are well prepared with the cooperation of the civilian population and many nationalities to keep the peace.

The Philippine embassy is merely part of that vigilance.

Last 17 July, the Embassy led by Ambassador RENE VILLA met with leaders of the community to assign teams in the different governorates.

The Embassy also outlined plans to monitor the peaceful situation, to advise everyone not to panic at signs of trouble, if any, to stay put in our homes if there are any untoward incidents, and at all times to seek the advice of the Embassy and the community leaders .

For this purpose , the Embassy formed teams with the community leaders in the different areas of Kuwait. These teams with their leaders and members are now the different resource persons for any queries . Their contact numbers will be given to Filipinos in the different governorates for reference.

” This too shall pass “. A happy Eid and a blessed Sunday to all of us !

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