Consul General Atty. Raul Dado welcomed by OFWs in Kuwait

Chito Neri and Ann Abunda of Sandigan join ConGen Dado (center), KUWAIT airport.
Chito Neri and Ann Abunda of Sandigan join ConGen Dado (center), KUWAIT airport.

KUWAIT City- Considered the ‘Action Man’, OFWs in Kuwait find the new consul general helpful and approachable enough to provide them their needed assistance.

The Filipinos in the state are thankful to have a consul general like Atty. Dado. For them, he changed the image of the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait, and they are now able to ask help from it without difficulties.

“In my 32 years in Kuwait, I have met most staff and heads of the Philippine Embassy. I encountered some minor problems if not  major ones. My worst experience was when I and my wife were sent by one of the vice consuls out of her office, and the supposed help which we were asking for was deprived and denied. Then, Consul General Atty. Raul Dado arrived, and he gives Filipinos incredible assistance. Before he was posted as consul general, Filipinos in Kuwait were adamant, if not scared, of asking help from the embassy. But since the action man came to the rescue, Filipinos are now free to ask for assistance. Mabuhay ka Consul General Raul Dado.” One of the supportive OFWs stated.

Dado came to Kuwait in April, and for him, his new post is quite challenging. “I have been going around and have met some Filipinos in my one-week stay here and this has given me enough resolve to do my job,” he said in an interview. The new consul general vowed to help the Filipinos in Kuwait and resolve all the issues concerning the Philippine Embassy in the state.

Before he was assigned in Kuwait, Dado served as a Consul General in Macau for three years.

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