CONGEN’s BLOG: Embassy Efforts of Reparation

April 24, 2014. The Embassy reprints its statement in the Arab Times on embassy efforts at repatriation, in response to questions raised in Parliament. As always, special thanks to Ms. Maxie Santiago of the Times.

“…The Embassy is doing everything for the OFWs in the deportation center with daily official communications to the chiefs of the deportation centers and regular visits to them. The normal process of deportation is ongoing at all times with the Filipinos being repatriated on a regular basis.

Some of them, like the ones who went home last week (April 7), did not even have to go through detention.

The ones who are have to go through administrative detention are being given adequate and sanitary accommodations by the immigration authorities. Through the intercession of the embassy, they are given free tickets home. The embassy also buys these tickets.

The Embassy expresses gratitude to the KUWAIT government for their humanitarian assistance in repatriating our workers home. KUWAIT has maintained its commitment in sending our OFWs to the Philippines. The Philippines works with KUWAIT on this situation everyday.

But there is a law and a process repatriation. Sometimes it takes time. With the patience of all concerned , including the ones in the deportation centers, the procedure will eventually be faster. All parties are committed to this.

It’s a collective effort of the embassy, the KUWAIT government and the Filipino people in KUWAIT. ‘”

Let’s keep going.April 24 - Congen's Blog



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