Computing Leave Salary in Kuwait

How is Leave Salary in Kuwait computed? Take for example that the company has 5 working days because Friday and Saturday are days off. Employees are entitled to 30 days leave in accordance with Kuwait Labor Law of February 2010.

When calculating leave salary  what will we consider? 5 working days per week because that is our actual situation or 6 working days per week, which according to our company, that is stated by Kuwait Labor Law? According to them, only 1 day off is given to an employee.

How will we divide the total remuneration? 26 working days as what our company says or 22 working days because that is the time that we work?

A concerned expat worker

Answer: As per Kuwait Labor Law, it is true that 6 working days per week is expected from the employee and one day off per week. If your company gives you 2 days off, that is their company or internal policy but this does not affect the fact that your working hours are divided into 5 days so you put in work for a minimum of 9 hours. Considering the working hours, you still get a total of 6 days work.

Because of this, the total monthly remuneration then should be divided by 26 working days. Do not fail to remember also that you are entitled to 30 working days annual leave per year…which means that all the weekly off days (Fridays) and official holidays falling within the leave should not be counted in the leave. In this case also, only one day per week is not to be counted and not both the weekly off days.

Source: Kuwait Up Todate

Expat employees in Kuwait are entitled to leave of absences.
Expat employees in Kuwait are entitled to leave of absences.

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