Civil ID Card used in fraudulence

Situation: Migrant worker was robbed (including his Civil ID card) by a citizen in police dress during residency checking in Hawally. After filing a complaint with the police, he was issued a new Civil ID card. Months passed the migrant worker found out that his old civil ID card was used to purchase products from an appliance store, which claimed money from him

Civil ID is one of the most important documents that any expat in Kuwait must secure at all times. (sample only)

He gave the details to the appliance store company and provided the necessary documents showing that during the time of the purchase, migrant worker was out of Kuwait for a vacation. The company accepted his explanation and informed him that all dues will be cleared.

Recently however, while planning a trip to his home country, migrant worker was astonished to know that there has been  a travel ban on him and the appliance store is requiring him to pay KD 600 including all penalties and has even filed a fraud case against him.

Migrant worker is confused as to why the person who sold the item did not question the difference between the citizen’s appearance from that of the civil ID. The migrant worker is Asian. How come the appliance company did not verify first before filing a fraud case and travel ban on the migrant worker?

Answer: The appliance company has made the wrong move on this case. The fact that you submitted the necessary documents stating the theft of your Civil ID and have been accepted, they should clear you of all the penalties and other legal problems. The company should be held responsible for transacting with a citizen using someone else’s Civil ID. They should have been very observant.

You have the right to do the following;

1. File a complaint with the Consumer Protection Society.

2. File a case in court against the mobile telephone company.

You need a lawyer’s assistance to fight your case and the Kuwait Lawyers Society may help you to find one. Show all the documents to prove that your Civil ID card was stolen and it was misused by another person who doesn’t even look like you.

source:Arab Times

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