Church Celebrates 10th Anniversary, followed by a Valentine Concert

On the morning of October 25, 2013, the church celebrated their 10th anniversary at Carlton. On that same day, they planned and booked for a Valentine’s Day Concert. The original booking was just for 50 persons which later on increased to 70 until the number of sold and reserved tickets reached to more than 170. It was their first big event, and it was a success.

Parang mahirap ulitin ‘tong event na ‘to coz it really takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice for a successful event such as this. We have never done this in 10yrs, this was the first because we were not so open then. But now our understanding has widened and GOD has given us the courage to act on it. “

CHURCH ANNIVThey would like to thank their sponsors for the Valentine Concert held last February 14, 2014: Francis, who was such a real blessing. So are the Dawood siblings and of course Mommy Sarah Sotto as well. We all know that these talents are real talents, they are professionals and they do get a lot from this field but they did it for free. Photos and videos were sponsored by MK Special Events Corner with their professional cameramen. For accounting and treasury, receipts and financial things, you may refer your inquiry to sis. Langski Santos Palacios. Manny was such a great blessing too, he led the band in all of our practices, his untiring efforts on this were so overwhelming. The Allera brothers were great contributors as musicians ever since JCFK 10th church anniversary, so is their dad who gave such a substantial financial assistance. A day before the event, Bishop David Warren confirms his attendance with his wife through Ptr. Millicent Rerri, who brought along Ptr. Seth. Other Filipino pastors attended too. The church ushers and volunteer concert ushers were awesome in their support. The TLC-Kuwait African International Congregation has made such a great impact on the crowd too. And of course, to their biggest sponsor, all glory be to God.

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