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Changing Seasons in Kuwait

Winter season comes to Kuwait.
Winter season comes to Kuwait.

Climate in Kuwait is considered semi desert. With the temperature mark at 15 degrees Celsius a quarter before six this morning, Kuwait officially enters the winter season. Daytime temperature ranges from 10 – 17 degrees Celsius to as low as -6 degrees Celsius at night. Winter is colder in Kuwait than other Gulf States like Bahrain, Qatar or UAE because of its Northern location catching winds from Iran and Iraq.

The short spring season in March until April is warm with occasional sandstorms. Approaching then is the summer season when winds are hot and humid. Temperatures in summer range between 25 to 48 degrees Celsius. Summer season is quite long and pose brief but strong thunderstorms.

To refresh yourselves during the Summer season, try yogurt.
To refresh yourselves during the Summer season, try yogurt.

By end of October, all the hot weather is gone and cooler weather means more and more people can enjoy outdoor activities like seaside walks, park strolls, barbecue get together with family and friends, among others.

On a Friday, expect many people heading to malls and restaurants just to bond with their families or seeing quite a number of expats picnicking near the seaside or to available places. This winter season is the best time to enjoy Kuwait any time of the day or night because the cool temperature is a relief to this seaside nation.

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