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How to Recycle Christmas Stuff?

Christmas is a time for gifts covered in beautiful Christmas wrappers and even laces, ribbons and bows. There are also pretty paper bags and plastic bags. It is a waste to throw them, right? How do you recycle Christmas wrappers, ribbons, laces, bows, paper and plastic bags? 1. Bows, laces and ribbons. You can keep them in a shoe box where these will stay neat. You can use them as decors for school projects or use them again for future gift giving. You can also use these for house decors.…

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5 Reasons Why Many OFWs Come Home with No Money

Most Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) leave the country, family, home and loved ones in search for better life abroad. They want to earn more so they can give more support to their family and loved ones. They want to have self-fulfillment too.   But sadly, after years and years of working abroad, many OFWs come home for good… with very little or worst, no money at all. What are the reasons? What should an OFW do?   Following are the most common problems why OFWs come home broke and how…

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8 Financial Tips for Homebound OFWs this Christmas Holidays

Christmas is just a few weeks away that is why more and more Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are preparing for their Christmas homecoming and vacation in the Philippines. This is most probably one of the most awaited moments for OFW family and loved ones. However, OFWs who choose to spend Christmas and New Year holidays in the Philippines should be prepared for the expenses because they might find themselves overshooting in budget. It will be a problem if they return back to the host country, with almost zero balance. Here…

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