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How to Stay Healthy during Summer in Kuwait

The weather in Kuwait these days is very warm and sultry, and getting sick seems unavoidable. As expats and breadwinners, it is tough for us to get sick because we have work responsibilities to do. Beside, our families back home are worried when we get sick because we are far away from them. Some of heat related sickness are heat stroke (dizziness and fainting), heat exhaustion (easily feeling tired), heat cramps (sore and painful muscles) and heat rash (skin allergy). So let us take care of ourselves more during this…

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10 Helpful Tips on How an OFW can start a Sari-Sari Store in the Philippines

Every Filipino at least once in his lifetime had the earliest experience of running errands to the “tindahan” for “suka” (vinegar) or “toyo” (soy sauce) when “Nanay” is cooking food. The sari-sari store has been part of every Filipino household and more often than not, in the Philippines, you will definitely find one just around the corner near your home. Neighborhood stores or sari-sari stores are very popular because you can buy a few pieces of what you need whereas in grocery stores and supermarkets, you should buy by the…

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10 Ways on How a new OFW Single can Spend their Day off… Alone

You are an OFW, female and single. You have been working in the host country for a few months now but have not really taken a relaxing day off, other than doing your weekly laundry, cleaning your room/partition or video chatting for some good hours with your family back home. Your flat mates are females too, but because of the diversity in the nature of your jobs, very seldom will you have the same day off from work. Aside from that, your flat mate will most probably have her own…

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