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8 Helpful Reminders to Keep You Healthy during Cold Season

Temperatures not only in Kuwait but in most parts of the globe are dropping. This means that cooler weather conditions will soon be expected. The changes in temperature usually cause colds, flu and other illnesses. Here are some important reminders on how to stay healthy during cold weather; 1. Eat healthy and eat well. A proper diet is one of the best prevention for sickness. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. 2. Exercise. Take time to exercise. Walking and indoor movements help a lot to keep yourself fit and healthy. 3. Wash your…

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Are You Ready for World Class Pinoy at Max’s?

Popular Filipino Restaurant Turns 1; Launches New Menu Featuring For the First Time an Incredible Array of Grilled Dishes, Sizzlers and Traditional Favorites Salmiya, Kuwait. More than 100 guests attended the first anniversary of Max’s Restaurant last night. Media and VIP guests, including stalwarts of the local Pinoy community, mingled with Max’s Chef Enrique Suarez and his team as they enjoyed dishes from the new menu, which was also launched to coincide with this special event. Renato O. Villa, Philippines Ambassador of the Philippines in Kuwait, was in attendance. Entertainment…

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Expats not allowed to join Co-operative funds

Many expatriate workers in Kuwait are a bit anxious where to buy food, groceries and other necessities even before they first set foot in Kuwait. But once they’re here, they find it easy to actually have a Co-op (Cooperative) shop in every block of the housing area that makes their life easier. They can buy most necessities and prices are relatively cheap. However, although expatriates can buy, shop and enjoy the conveniences at Co-op stores, much as their finances are more than enough, they are not allowed to join in…

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