Careful tips during a sandstorm

Kuwait sandstorm on the third week of October 2014.
Kuwait sandstorm on the third week of October 2014.

Dust and sandstorms are characterized with turbulent high winds lifting dirt or sand particles into the air that can reduce visibility, cause property damage, injuries, and even deaths. No matter where you live, it is best to know how to protect yourself when faced with this unpredictable phenomenon.

How to survive on foot.

  1. Immediately find shelter to stay away from the dust or sand. If you can’t find a shelter, cover your face with your shirt, sweater, bandana or any cloth to prevent you breathing in the dust or sand. Better if you can first moisten the cloth with water. Your eyes and ear are protected.
  2. If you have petroleum jelly or menthol rub with you, apply a small amount of these to the inside of your nostrils to soften your mucous membranes.
  3. Shield yourself from any flying debris. Try to say low to the ground and protect your ehad with your arms. Get your back towards where the sandstorm is coming from.
  4. Do not lie in any opening or ditch as these will be filled with sand and you might be buried.
  5. If you are with other people it is best to stick together so no one gets lost during the sandstorm.
  6. Wait for the sandstorm to pass. Stay where you are as moving during a sandstorm is quite dangerous.

How to survive while in a vehicle.

  1. If you see a  sandstorm from some distance, you may be able to avoid it carefully. Drive safely to a safe place until the storm passes.
  2. If you are unable to safely pull off the road, keep your headlights and hazard lights on, slow down then drive carefully while sounding your horn. Try to pull over at the nearest safe spot.
  3. Roll up the windows and close ventilation that bring in air form the outside.
  4. Don’t move your vehicle anymore until the sandstorm has passed. Social media in Kuwait gives updates about OFW life.




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