Bureau of Customs, when will all this end?

NO to Balikbayan Box Opening and NO to Tax!
NO to Balikbayan Box Opening and NO to Tax!

We thought when Pres. Noynoy ordered Bureau of Customs to stop the physical inspection of balikbayan boxes, as Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), we considered that as a great relief. We thought that the government truly understands its people most especially OFWs who struggle against myriad battles just to survive and sustain the needs of their families and loved ones back in the Philippines.

In recent weeks, trending topics have become more alarming for OFWs. It is but natural to buy watches, jewelry, gadgets, a few or some branded clothes, bags, shoes, accessories. We have worked very hard for years and if we buy things, it should be alright that we “treat” ourselves well. We never stole anything. We didn’t harass anyone just so we could buy something. We didn’t starve any government official or Bureau of Customs employee for that matter.

We earned every single thing we put in our luggage, homecoming boxes, hand carry. It is not our fault if we were able to buy everything with small taxes overseas or none at all. It is also not our fault if our Sir and Madam would like to give us their used but branded purses, clutches, handbags, bags, accessories and other things. We acquired everything outside of the Philippines, our home country and we are not supposed to be treated this way!

NO to balikbayan box opening! NO to tax!

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