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Beware of groups at NAIA Terminal 1

A legit E ticket has its standard price like this. (source: airtravelphilippines)
A legit E ticket has its standard price like this. (source: airtravelphilippines)

Many passengers who arrive at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA)  Terminal 1 (T 1) and have connecting flight to NAIA Terminal 3 (T 3) are usually aboard a shuttle bus. But sometimes, delayed flights cause chaos.

Upon knowing that the passenger has missed the shuttle bus and is in obvious hurry not to miss his / her connecting flight at NAIA T 3, some airport police will approach the person, ask some questions and will offer help by calling someone who will take the OFW to T 3.

The vehicle has a rainbow plate and the driver is quite friendly. He will engage you in talk to distract you and before reaching NAIA Terminal 2 (T 2) he will take a turn which you think is a short cut – but in truth, it is a road with heavy traffic.

The driver then convinces you to stay at their ticketing office which has accommodation. You can also buy your new ticket there. Realizing that you have no other choice, you agree.

At the accommodation, chances are you will see a fellow passenger or 2 with the same dilemma. The receptionist cordially asks for your destination, gives you the ticket price and when you ask why the ticket is very expensive, she will say it is on the spot ticketing.

She won’t be able to give you a printed ticket for some reasons and no Official Receipt too, for some reasons. All you have is the Voucher which can be bought in any bookstore.

On the day of your flight, when you have your ticket printed, you will discover that the booking is true – but the price is not; it turns out to almost 100% over priced.

A reminder for fellow passengers if caught in a delayed flight, it is better to stay at NAIA Terminal 1 and contact the booth of your connecting flight for assistance. Sometimes, we trust airport police but we do not really know what is in their minds and hearts.


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