AVON: Philippines remains largest market in Asia-Pacific

AVON “Avon, to me, is about the [sales] representative, and the representative has many faces. She’s a woman of the world,” Sheri Mccoy tells Inquirer Lifestyle at the Avon regional headquarters in Makati.


This is McCoy’s second Philippine visit since her appointment. The country was also her first market visit in 2012, shortly after she was named CEO of Avon Products Inc. The last 18 months, McCoy has been traveling to meet with sales reps “since they’re the heart and soul of the company and they know what drives the business.”

“We make sure she has the right earnings opportunity, and continue to focus on the product portfolio. If she has the right products, she can reach more consumers,” says the CEO.

 The Philippines, where Avon is on its 36th year, is one of the brand’s Top 10 markets. The Top 10 markets comprise 80 percent of Avon’s sales. “It’s our largest business in Asia Pacific,” says the CEO. “We’re focused so that the Philippines has what it needs to support growth. We’re very happy with where the team is today even as 2013 was a challenging year for the Philippines with Typhoon ‘Yolanda’ and the earthquake. But the Filipino spirit is strong… The Philippines is very profitable for us. We have a very large field base and we have a great legacy. We are confident we can build on that.” Avon in the Philippines, she says, has been successful in that it has been very focused on the representatives and “very understanding of what she needs to be successful.”


McCoy says she hopes to return to the Philippines in August for the Avon national sales convention. Ten thousand are expected to attend this year.

“I don’t think we’ll grow that six million [sales reps] this year,” McCoy says. “What we want is for the six million to be happy in our business and continue to sell, and sell more. We’re not gonna get 10 million right away, but we’ll get there… The more time I spend, the more confident I am that we can turn around the business.”

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