Amnesty Guidelines – Kuwait

Amnesty Guidelines – Kuwait

1.Renew your passport and apply for travel documents if necessary i.e., if your visas are expired and over staying, or have absconding cases.

2. If you have new employer who sponsor your stay in Kuwait legally, or you wish to return to Kuwait pay the usual fine at the immigration offices where you live.

(Overstaying for 6 months or more 600 KD)

(Overstaying for less than 6 months or more: 2 KD a day)

Tell the immigration office that you are availing the amnesty.

3. The new employer should first get the consent or release of the old employer before immigration will issue a work visa.

4. Afterwards, you can stay in Kuwait with a new sponsor (legalized) or

5. You may also go home to the Philippines and come back later to Kuwait to work.

6. There will be no ban for returning but if the fine is not paid, there will be a ban for returning.

7. The basic principle is: pay the usual fine, stay in Kuwair or go home and return. (“Pay, Stay, Go and Return)

8. The fines are currently required by the Kuwait Law

9. Those who wish to go home and does not have the means to pay the penalty may still avail of the embassy’s Assisted Voluntary Repatriation Program (AVRP)

10. The guidelines cover both Visa 18 and Visa 20.

For further inquiries, please visit the consular section of the embassy, or the embassy local desk.

Or contact the following hotlines:

Philippine Embassy (Faiha) – Mobile Nos.: 69902188/65184433

Philippine Embassy (Hateen) – Mobile No.: 65002612

Thank you!

-Philippine Embassy in Kuwait

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