After Kuwaiti Elections 2013, New MPs To Be Furnished

campaignThe Kuwaiti Elections 2013 are now over and the majority of the citizens have decided the future of the country. The municipality of Kuwait called on campaigners for the election to remove campaign materials (billboards, posters, etc.) at public places. Ten days since the end of balloting were given to these election campaigners in order to dismantle these objects. Those who will fail to do so will be punished by withholding insurance as fee payment, Ahmed Al-Sebeeh, head of Supreme Election Commision, said.

Supreme Judicial Council Head, Justice Faisal Abdul-Aziz Al-Mershed, expressed in a statement his sincere gratitude to the judges for performing round-the-clock efforts in the Kuwaiti Elections 2013, making it a successful one. He also extolled all the media networks, foreign and local, for covering the important news in Kuwait, displaying the country’s civic aspect to the rest of the world. He then congratulated the newly-elected members of the Parliament, the government, the people, and HH Amir, for this Kuwaiti Elections 2013 and the democratic experience.

New members of the Parliament were invited on August 1 for a session for guidance in legislative and procedural matters. Allam Al-Kanderi, Secretary General of the Parliament, will also orient the new Parliament members with information about administrative and technical support during the session.

The fourteenth term of the legislation is scheduled to open on Aug 6.


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