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Advisory No.2 on Pyramiding Schemes to Clear Matters on New Postings

pyramiding scheme

To clear matters on new postings: Please see again Advisory No. 2 on Pyramiding Schemes

  • The Embassy most kindly advises our Kababayans not to be posting messages in support of any pyramiding scheme (see below)
  • When investigations start, investigators will check sources of evidence.
  • The most obvious sources of evidence is the internet
  • The masterminds of these schemes will point to those who post messages as fall guys, especially if they acknowledge that they benefitted from these schemes.
  • Our innocent Kababayans may be charged as accessories to a crime, while masterminds run away.

Thanks & God bless!

Atty. Raul H. Dado
Chargé d’Affaires

pyramiding scheme
From the Facebook page of ConGen Atty. Raul H. Dado

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