About Kabayan


Mabuhay Kabayan!

Welcome to your website – kabayaninkuwait.com. Your home away from home.

The website’s aim is to allow all Filipinos living in the State of Kuwait to organize their individual psychological, social traits and tendencies into a harmonious whole. Filipinos living in Kuwait come from diverse backgrounds; most are Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), while some had married Kuwaiti citizens and other nationalities and built families of their own. Whatever defines their daily tasks, Filipinos still adhere to social and moral values most especially those that pertain to family and friendship.

Kabayaninkuwait.com is here to answer the call for the cure of homesickness of fellow Filipinos living far from their families and our homeland, the Philippines. There will be membership registration so that the participants can avail of interactive games with prizes for fun and interest. A forum discussion will also be a meeting place of sort to exchange ideas and know how. Featured stories about admirable Kabayans in Kuwait who rose to the ranks in both public and private sector, regardless of educational attainment or job description, will also be visible for everyone’s inspiration. Kabayans who have the knack for literary works will also be given a chance to share their pieces here.

In this portal too, visitors who are contemplating of considering Kuwait to be their next destination in terms of employment, will be given adequate information and guide about the State, its land, people, culture, traditions, natural environment and way of life. There will also be interactive classified ads for both prospective employers and job seekers and for all other things needed to be found in the State that will be of help to visitors.

The Filipino hospitality for which we are known all over the world will surely mark its scent in this website as we are here to creatively inspire people.