7 Most Common Problems of an OFW ; and How to Prevent these

7 Most Common Problems of an OFW ; and How to Prevent these

It is not easy to be an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) BUT, there are still many Filipinos back home who want to work abroad. Many believe that working abroad is the best way to give a better life for your family and loved ones. However, OFWs face many problems while working overseas.

Below are the most common problems of OFWs and how to prevent these;

1. Illegal Recruitment

Many OFWs are victims of illegal recruitment. They believe all the things the recruiter says and pay all the fees said to them. Sadly, once they arrive abroad, they will be deported back to the Philippines because their visa is fake. You can prevent this by checking with POEA if the recruitment agency is legal or not.

2. High Placement Fees

Some legal recruitment agencies have high placement fees. We suggest that when you apply, look for an agency that has reasonable or low placement fee. This will prevent you from having loans and debts.

3. Abusive Employer and Bad Working Conditions

Many OFWs have bad experiences with employers who do not treat them well. The place they live is not good for anyone’s health.

It is very important for an OFW to read the contract first before signing. You should also have the address and contact numbers of your agency in the Philippines and its partner agency in the host country. You should also give the numbers to your family in the Philippines. Communication with both agencies must be open.

4. Extra-Marital Relationships and Broken Families

Marriage is sacred, no matter what religion you have and family is the most important part of society. Remember the reason why you became and OFW – to give your family and loved ones a better life.  Remain faithful to your wife, to your husband even if you are far away from them.

5. Homesickness and Loneliness

We live in a world full of technology. Regularly make video calls with your family and loved ones in the Philippines. Make friends abroad but make sure that they are the right friends. Friends who will help you keep your values and your family together.

6. Difficult to Connect with Consular and Embassy Officials and Staff

Make sure that when you are abroad, you must know the phone numbers of the Philippine Embassy, Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) or Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) in the host country. Try to join Filipino organizations so that when you need assistance, you can call somebody or you can help somebody, if the case may be.

7. Family Problems Back Home

It is very difficult for an OFW while working abroad to know family problems like someone is sick, needs money for medicines or surgery, children causing problems at school or personally, family business is failing, to name a few. Communication and commitment in the part of OFW and each family member is very important to prevent these problems.

Faith, love, trust, respect, hope, patience, we believe that every OFW and each family member must have these to make the relationship and bond stronger no matter how miles and miles apart we all are.

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