6 Nationalities Benefit From New Visa Rules

visaA ban on visa issuance for citizens of six countries could be lifted next month after Kuwait announces new visa rules to regulate this process, a local daily reported yesterday, quoting a Migration General Department official. The General Immigration Department is set to implement new machinery to accept entry visa applications from the nationals of six countries, including Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and Yemen in October, subsequent to the ban on issuance of entry and dependent visas for the category, reports Al-Rai daily.

The daily quoting a reliable source described the decision as humanitarian gesture by the Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohammed Al-Khalid, based on accumulation of applications presented by the concerned nationals who desire to bring their families here, due to deteriorating situations and insecurity in their respective countries.

The ban was imposed in 2011 for “security reasons” stemming from an unstable political situation in some of the aforementioned states. In other news, Al-Rai also reported that the immigration departments across Kuwait adopted new measures to deal with dependency visas for housewives and children over the age of 21.

Sources indicated that visas issued before Sept 3, 2011 will not be renewed unless the applicant is fingerprinted and undergoes a new medical test. “The measure is precautionary since it allows the state to determine the security and health status of housewives and young adults who can remain under their fathers’ dependency until they turn 24- years-old,” the sources said.

According to the source, the new mechanism allows the Interior Ministry to reveal suspects with criminal records or cases infected with infectious diseases. “This move will come into effect after the Interior Ministry finishes connecting its database with the Health Ministry’s database to prevent manipulation”, the source added.

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