5 Easy Steps for an OFW on How to Check Pag-IBIG Contribution Online

5 Easy Steps for an OFW on How to Check Pag-IBIG Contribution Online

An OFW’s life is very busy attending to work and making sure that his/her loved ones are doing well and this is where Pag-IBIG comes in. Checking online for account status, contributions and the like are available to OFWs with just a click of a finger.

Following are 5 easy steps on how to check Pag-IBIG contribution online;

1. As an OFW, you may visit first their website at pagibigfund.gov.ph., to learn more about Pag-IBIG Fund, Benefits and Programs, FAQ, etc. From there, you can also download different kind of forms for Housing Loans and Guidelines.

Pag-Ibig website

2. If you are already a member and you want to view your savings with the fund, you can go to www.pagibigfundservices.com and click the image ‘OFW Member’s Contribution Verification’ image to login.

OFW contribution

3. After clicking the image, these is what it looks like. Now you can provide information, such as; Pag-IBIG MID Number, Last Name, First Name, Enter the Code (same code you saw on the left side), then Click Proceed.

PagIbig Fund

*NOTE: If you haven’t your MID Number yet, then you can click the highlighted text with blue option that read, “Click here if you do not have a Pag-IBIG MID No.”

Then, you can provide the following information, such as; Temporary Registration Form or Registration Tracking Number that was provided here www.pagibigfundservices.com/PubReg/ during registration / application, Last Name, First Name, Enter the Code, then Click Proceed.

4. The next page should the welcoming page with your Full Name, Pag-IBIG MID No. and Date of Birth. Click ‘View Membership Savings’ to check your Pag-IBIG Fund monthly contributions.

Pag-IBIG Fund

*NOTE: If you are getting some error during transactions, don’t panic! Just refresh your windows, clear your caches or if you may check your privacy settings and pop-up options. Using smartphone or other mobile devices is not advisable when doing transaction on Pag-IBIG and other government sites, due to some compatibility issues. Moreover, if you get a ‘No Record Found’ error, then there’s a possiblity that its either your Pag-IBIG MID Number is not yet activated or you have another MID Number.
For verification and other inquiriesKindly send an email to contactus@pagibigfund.gov.dot or publicaffairs@pagibigfund.gov.ph, and don’t forget to provide your full name, for women, maiden name.

5. Since the transaction is smooth and you didn’t encounter any error, then you’ll be able to access and find details of all your contributions including reference number, transaction date and total amount of your contributions.

How to Check Pag-IBIG ContributionsAfter you are done viewing your monthly contributions, don’t forget to logout and clear cache especially if you are using a computer in an internet shop.

And if you have ample time, you may chat with Pag-IBIG staff via pagibigchat@yahoo.compagibigchat1@yahoo.com and at facebook.com/PagIBIGFundHDMF for your concerns.

For OFWs currently in vacation to the Philippines, you may address your concerns by calling Pag-IBIG hotline number at (02) 724-4244 or send a text message of your inquiries to 0917-8884363 and 0918-8984363.


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