4 Filipino Habits that are difficult to Break

All nations have their pleasant characteristics and their unpleasant traits. Sadly, we Filipinos are not an exception. Let us recall these not-so-good traits of our origin.

1. Over Sensitivity.

We Filipinos are said to be over sensitive about certain things and situations that sometimes, our reaction does not help to ease up the present circumstance but instead nearly or even totally damages the scenario. How do we break this unpleasant trait?
Let us try to think carefully before we even speak another word and react emotionally. More often than not, spur of the moment thinking results in tactless words and negative emotions.

2. Crab Mentality.

Crabs walk sideways and bump into each other. Once put in a container and try to inch its way up, another crab uses its cheliped to pull down the crab which is trying to reach the opening of the container. Honestly, many Filipinos are like that. They do not want to lag behind by another person who is becoming successful. How do we break this unpleasant trait?
Have Faith, be determined, work hard, stay humble, share whatever and whenever you can with the less fortunate. Be a man and paddle your own canoe.

3. Work half finished.

At first, when some Filipinos are given a task to accomplish, they are very eager to start the work. But after a while, their energy diminishes little by little towards the end. In so doing, they usually leave the work half-finished or half-baked as they say. How do we break this unpleasant trait?
When someone entrusts us with work, let us treat the opportunity as a blessing that needs to be enriched, molded to near perfection because of our hard work and determination. There is no small or big work; everything is a chance to prove our diligence.

4. Procrastination.

Filipinos are said to be so fond of doing less urgent tasks than more urgent and more difficult ones. We always try to put off very important things that need to be accomplished earlier and love to beat the “deadline”. How do we break this unpleasant trait?
We must try to find motivation in every task that we do. While it is true that doing less demanding things is easier that solving complicated situations, still, we are bound to put answers to everything. Sure we can beat the “deadline” but only after sleepless nights, unhealthy eating, disorientation and even having bad moods. We can do this – we can start our work confidently and finish right on time!


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