30 Important Updates to Know about Kuwait Amnesty Program 2018

30 Important Updates to Know about Kuwait Amnesty Program 2018


ANNOUNCEMENT: Kuwait MOI grants another amnesty extension two months for illegal expats from 23 February to 22 April 2018.

Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior has announced Amnesty to all illegal expats in Kuwait starting 29 January to 22 February 2018 (Extended to 22 April 2018). The host country has encouraged residency violators to avail of the Amnesty Program.

Officials of the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait invited all the Filipino Community thru the Filipino organizations for a meeting on 2nd February 2018 at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. It was a well – attended event and below are the important matters taken up.

1. Assistance from the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait officials and staff for OFWs who want to avail of the Amnesty Program 2018 is FREE. There is no truth about the post circulating on social media that you should pay KD 600 for processing and documentation.

2. Kuwait government is assisting the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait to track down the persons responsible for the false news on social media about the charge of KD 600 for Amnesty processing. They will be legally held responsible and will be sent to jail in Kuwait.

3. Do not believe FIXERS. Go directly to the Philippine Embassy even if there is a long line of people waiting for their turn. Advisory on this will be posted.

4. The Philippine Embassy, together with POLO OWWA will work seven (7) days a week to expedite the processes for OFWs who are more than willing to avail of the Amnesty Program 2018 which started 29 January and ends on 22 February 2018.

5. According to Kuwait Immigration, Visa transfer from first employer to second employer is possible BUT, a release paper from the first employer should be secured first.

6. Process of Release Paper. For example – go to Jabriya Police Station, OFW, together with first employer and second employer. Both employers will discuss. Process should be done within 3 weeks and before 22 February 2018, which is the end of Amnesty Period.

7. If Release Paper will not be granted before 22 February 2018, the OFW is advised to avail of the Amnesty Program and return home temporarily to the Philippines to avoid illegal stay in the host country.

8. All OFWs and expats who will not avail of the Amnesty Program 2018 will face massive crackdown, house to house by Kuwait authorities. They will face deportation and will be blacklisted.

9. Blacklisted in Kuwait means being blacklisted too in other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states like Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

10. OFWs who do not have legal papers and even passport will be given travel documents to return home to the Philippines. Those with passports will be forwarded to Kuwait Immigration for stamping Exit.

11. OFWs with cases in court need to settle first their situations in court. Go immediately to the Philippine Embassy for assistance.

12. OFWs with original Visa 20 (Domestic) who are working in salons, spa, restaurants are considered illegal. In particular are those with Visa 20 (Domestic), wanting to transfer to Visa 18 (Work Permit). Go immediately to the Philippine Embassy for assistance.

13. Travel Document Application Form and Travel Document are FREE from the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait. Return ticket to the Philippines is FREE, as well. Be aware of “fixers”.

14. POLO OWWA will be in charge of the process for OFWs’ back wages and other indemnities from their employers even if the OFW will return to the Philippines. Make sure to submit the complete documents for those with this kind of situation.

15. Priority for repatriation in this Amnesty Period 2018 are the OFWs in the custody of the Philippine Embassy and POLO OWWA Kuwait, those who are sick in the hospitals and those in jail with absconding cases. They will be given travel documents so they can return home to the Philippines.

16. Return ticket to the Philippines is FREE and sponsored by the government (and other recruitment agencies). If the OFW has been included with those returning to the Philippines, be sure to show up on the date and time specified. If you change your mind, the FREE ticket will be invalid. Many OFWs who want to return home will be affected. Even Philippine authorities will face problems with their bosses. Please cooperate.

17. Recruitment agencies in Kuwait should be truthful in giving Visa. If they will grant Visa 20 to an OFW as Household Service Worker (HSW), the agency should monitor the HSW and the employer she works for. If there is any problem, the HSW should be taken to the Philippine Embassy  Kuwait or POLO OWWA Kuwait for assistance and not to be transferred to another employer.

18. Recruitment agencies should not give Visa 20 to relatives with no intention of working as HSW in Kuwait. There should be proper monitoring on this.

19. Memorandum Circular 2017-12 dated 24 July 2017 by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) also known as Requirements for Child born Abroad of Filipino Parents with no Foreign Documents.
–  All children born out of wedlock, with no hospital documents or Ministry of Health documents from Kuwait, can be registered and will be given travel documents returning to the Philippines.
–  An Affidavit by the Mother of the child is needed, stating the facts about the birth of the child. Two (2) witnesses with Valid Passport and other valid IDs issued in the Philippines like Driver’s License, Voter’s ID or SSS ID are needed.
–  If the Mother of the child has died or is “missing”, or nowhere to be found, an Affidavit by the Father of the Child is needed.
–  If the Mother of the child has died, or is “missing”, or nowhere to be found, and if the Father of the child is “unknown”, any person to whom the child has been entrusted as legal guardian, can come to the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait and seek assistance.
– If the child’s Mother has no Visa, she can also come to the Philippine Embassy together with her child and seek assistance. In particular for a child born out of wedlock.
– Affidavit Forms are available and FREE at the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait.

20. OFWs who have undergone finger printing should submit their names to the Philippine Embassy and seek assistance for their situation.

21. OFWs who have been terminated, have absconding case, included in the travel ban and now face warrant of arrest, should also go to the Philippine Embassy to seek assistance.

22. There is a Marching Order from the Ambassador of Philippines to Kuwait, His Excellency Renato P. O. Villa to embassy officials, POLO OWWA Kuwait to work 7 days a week to expedite Amnesty Program 2018 processes.

23. All the privileges given to OFWs in Saudi Arabia Amnesty are the same as Kuwait Amnesty. Upon return to the Philippines, OFWs can avail of TESDA Skills Training for possible employment to other countries except Kuwait.

24. OFWs in Kuwait with legal Visas and who are planning to take their vacation to the Philippines will still be allowed to return to Kuwait as their schedule permits. Make sure to get your OEC and OWWA Certificate to be presented at the immigration(some Immigration officers are asking for it).

25. For OFWs who live in far away provinces and still need another plane or ship ride, upon their arrival at NAIA, they will stay for a while in OWWA Main Office and they will be given tickets to travel to their home provinces. All tickets are FREE as well.

26. Philippine Government’s decision on deployment ban to OFWs going to Kuwait is effective to all types of work – domestic, skilled, professional.

27. The governments of the Philippines and Kuwait are having bilateral talks on the present issue of the deployment ban to Kuwait from the Philippines.

28. As for the statistics concerning maltreatment cases, contract violation cases by Kuwait employers and sexual and harassment cases , allegedly committed against OFWs, a thorough police investigation and report is expected by the Philippine government. It will be translated from Arabic to English.

29. To all Filipinos, Filipino Community and Organization leaders or representatives, kindly give time to attend meetings called for the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait in order to address different OFW concerns.

30. More and more OFWs, mostly from POLO wards with absconding cases, no detention, have already been taken to the airport and have returned home safely to the Philippines. There have been a significant number sent home a few days ago. The process of repatriation during this Amnesty Program 2018 is continuous. Please cooperate.


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