30 abused OFWs from Kuwait return home

OWWA (photo credit to Philnews)
OWWA (photo credit to Philnews)

MANILA, Philippines- More than 30 OFWs from Kuwait came home because of  maltreatment experiences.

According to dzBB’s report, the overseas Filipino workers arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) at 3 P.M. It was Vice President Jejomar Binay who headed the officials who welcomed them at the airport.

Those who could not go home yet had to stay for the night at the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration’s halfway house located in Pasay City. OWWA also provides assistance for those who need transportation to their provinces.

The OFWs are thankful to have finally returned home and seen their families after suffering unfair treatment from their employers in Kuwait.


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17 Thoughts to “30 abused OFWs from Kuwait return home”

  1. Glad to know that they were able to come home, safe and sound. Stories like this are sad but at least OWWA was able to help. Keep it up!

  2. It’s good that the abused OFWs are finally safe and at the comfort of their home.

  3. Sad stories, but finally comming home to heal wounded and broken spirits..

  4. Home at last for these modern day heroes. Why o why are we still sending OFW in Kuwait?

  5. Wanderer Juan

    It is nice to know that all of these OFWs finally get to return to their homes after a traumatic experience in Kuwait.

  6. wow at least they are all safe now. I have so many friends back in singapore who works as a helper for families. Some of them cant even go outside and have to eat veggie food since most of their employers are vegetarian. I mean its not bad, but we filipinos need meats such pork and rice too right? it such a sad thing to see my fellow filipinos getting hungry. kudos to everyone who’s been helping them.. x0x0

  7. Good thing they flew home. It is such a relief to the family members of the victims. =)

  8. It’s always sad to hear that these are happening to our OFWs. Good thing they got to get home though. What about the rest? :/

  9. What our fellowmen experienced in Kuwait were really saddening but at least they’re now in the safest place – HOME.

  10. Its sad enough to work abroad and leave your loved ones behind but what’s more painful is to have employers who don’t value their worth as a human beings. It’s good news that our govt agencies are working to address their plights.

  11. My Dad was an OFW for almost 20yrs that’s why I have a soft heart when it comes to topics like this. It takes courage and motivation for anyone to be able to be separated from their families and loved ones. I just hope other nationalities will also realized this..

  12. Being an OFW, I can somehow relate to them, not because of some abuse acts. but because of the purpose of leaving our country. My heart goes to all of them.

  13. i reaaly feel bad about the situation of our OFW who’d been unfortunate with the series of events in the Middle East. How i pray that time will come that Filipinos no need to work abroad to raise and feed their families ,,, the Philippines is so rich , only the government do not know what to do with it and how to share and make it productive for everyone .

  14. Mai

    I’ve actually considered working in Kuwait, but had to think twice when I heard this kind of news a few years ago. I know that not all employers there aren’t as harsh. But I just couldn’t take the risk.

  15. I can’t help but feel that our OFW “exports” are treated as not much more than ‘organized slaves’ by a lot of employers. To think that our countrymen do and give so much just so their relatives back here can enjoy life! Sigh.. My heart breaks for them.

  16. Gigi Beleno

    I am glad that they are now back some safe. Its just so sad that their dreams of working overseas to help out their families was a failure. Hopefully there’s still better future and opportunities for them. I am an ex-OFW myself, so I can really relate.

  17. These OFWs were abused as according to them. Now how are they being helped and given the justice that they need.

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