10 Ways on How to Treat Homesickness

10 Ways on How to Treat Homesickness

Truth is, everyone who goes abroad for months or years will surely feel homesick, especially if there is a special occasion to celebrate with your family. You miss your favorite food, your favorite place to visit and of course, your loved ones.

Here are 10 friendly suggestions on how to treat homesickness;

1. Remind yourself why you are abroad.

Social media is powerful. But do not post too much sadness on your wall. Post something positive. The “likes” or “love” from your family, relatives and friends will help you get through homesickness.

2. Find your own comfort.

After the busy hours at work, find time to refresh yourself. Have a cool drink during warm days and hot drink on cold days. Drinking non-alcoholic beverage helps ease your mind and heart.

3. Video calls.

Schedule regular video calls with your family and loved ones back home. It may be painful at first especially during celebrations at home and you are not there. At least, you share the moment with them.

4. Be open to new friendships.

You will meet people from other countries at work.  Appreciate their goodness to you but be careful too.

5. Join and participate.

Join and participate in groups on social media and organizations. Again, be careful but do not deny yourself to enjoy.

6. Go out.

On your day off, go for a walk around your neighborhood during the day. Record or take photos of what you have seen that day that made you smile.

7. Accept invites from well-meaning people.

They may be fellow OFWs or other expats. This is a chance to try new and different food, to know other culture. Only you can decide where to go.

8. Do not be afraid to cry.

When you really feel homesick, it is very natural to feel sad and cry and cry. It relieves the pain. Then, you will feel stronger than before.

9. Record your journey thru photos or videos.

Someday, you will be able to watch your past experiences in a foreign country.

10. Be thankful.

Last but not the least, be thankful for every chance you have to embrace life. Pray and give thanks to the Lord Almighty.

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