10 Ways on How a new OFW Single can Spend their Day off… Alone

10 Ways on How a new OFW Single can Spend their Day off… Alone

You are an OFW, female and single. You have been working in the host country for a few months now but have not really taken a relaxing day off, other than doing your weekly laundry, cleaning your room/partition or video chatting for some good hours with your family back home.

Your flat mates are females too, but because of the diversity in the nature of your jobs, very seldom will you have the same day off from work. Aside from that, your flat mate will most probably have her own schedule too, or you may not share the same interest when it comes to day off ideas.

Here are some tips on how you can spend a relaxing day off… alone.

  1.  No need to set your alarm clock. Simply stay in bed for as long as you want.

  2.  Your breakfast, lunch or even brunch ready to re-heat (considered you have bought or prepared this the night before) to minimize time while doing your weekly laundry and cleaning.

  3.  After you have taken a few minutes rest from doing your chores, have a refreshing bath and put on your feel good outfit of the day (OOTD).

  4.  If the weather’s nice outside, neither too warm nor too cold, you can take a leisure stroll around your neighborhood, just to check out the place you call your second home (during day-time only). During a busy week at work and doing errands, you may not have time to do so.

  5.  If there’s a park or a café or restaurant in your neighborhood, take pictures or video and share this with your loved ones, just to make them feel you’re altogether near one another. It’s like showing them about your life as a migrant worker – on a day off like this.

  6.  Enjoy the sights and the breeze while simultaneously reflecting how blessed you are in life and how you can be a blessing to others as well.

  7.  You may want to visit your neighborhood grocery store for some items that you may need to buy.

  8.  If you feel like returning to your accommodation for some nap, do not deprive yourself of the much needed sleep. Do not forget to buy your dinner, though.

  9.  Laze around on your bed with a good book or drift off to nap with some good music.

  10. You may want to watch a marathon of sort of your favorite show via the internet. Or if your day off falls on Friday, then you can go to some place where Filipino women do their weekly aerobics.

As you spend more time in the host country, your ideas on how to plan your coming days off will surely be different yet with the same goal – to free your mind and spirit. And oh, DON’T forget to bring your Civil ID/bataqa or your passport every time you want to go outside of your home.

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