10 Best Countries to Work as a First Time OFW

10 Best Countries to Work as a First Time OFW

Despite many sad news about different problems Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) experience while working abroad, many Filipinos still want to leave their home country at least once, in order to work and live on the other side of the globe as an expat.
For first time OFWs, here are the ten (10) best countries to work and live as expat;

1. Australia

Kabayan in Australia

Commonly known as “Land Down Under”, this country is popular for its beautiful natural sceneries, relaxing weather and generally broad minded citizens. This far, the most in demand jobs in this country are accountants,  carpenters, chefs, construction workers, electricians, engineers, financial specialists, fitters, foremen, hairdressers, health care specialists, health professionals, IT specialists, management executives, management specialists, marketing professionals, mechanics, office support staff, plumbers,  project engineers, project managers, safety specialists, sales representatives, secretaries, site managers,  skilled technicians and teachers.

2. Canada

ofw canada

One of the countries that allow foreign workers to become permanent residents who have 12 months full time job experience anywhere in Canada. Families of foreign workers are also given the chance to come provided they meet all the legal requirements to settle in the country. At the start of 2017, following are the in demand jobs for foreign workers – accountants, administrative staff, assemblers, biologists, chefs , cleaners, counselors, criminal defense lawyers, corporate lawyers, dentists, drivers, ecologists, education service managers, engineers, environmental scientists, financial analysts, food service managers, forklift operators, gas drillers, health care professionals, hotel and restaurant managers and staff, home care specialists, human resource specialists, hydrologists, industrial painters, information security analysts, machinists, marketing managers, marketing representatives, mechanics, mental health professionals, office managers, oil drillers, order clerks, physicians, production managers, registered nurses, social service professionals, skilled miners, skilled teachers, structural engineers, technicians, tourism specialists, warehouse managers, warehouse workers, welders.

3. Hong Kong

OFW in Hongkong

Although small in size, Hong Kong has always been one of the most important business and financial district all over the world. For several decades, Filipinos have been working ask domestic helpers and nannies in Hong Kong but in recent years, many Filipinos too have been employed in other job placements. The tourism industry in Hong Kong is booming that is why a great need for specialists in hotels and restaurants are in demand like chefs, hotel and restaurant managers, marketing professionals, kitchen helpers, waiters, waitresses among others. IT specialists are also needed in the business field along with financial and business specialists. The numerous infrastructure and renovations projects call for additional engineers as well.

4. Kuwait

Filipinos in Kuwait

With the Kuwaiti Dinar (KD) having one of the most purchasing and foreign exchange power of all the Middle East currencies, Kuwait is one of the most possible job destinations for foreign expats. Architects, engineers, health professionals, hotel managers, hotel staff, restaurant managers, restaurant staff, school administration, school staff are also needed, aside from household service workers and drivers.

5. New Zealand

ofw in new zealand

One of the countries where it is possible that the legal visa of a spouse, can guarantee the other spouse work and living opportunity too. Of course, this will be possible once all the legal documents have been submitted filed and approved by the New Zealand (NZ) government. The laid back lifestyle, friendly attitude of locals to foreigners, make NZ a popular destination for work and for relocating as a family. Available jobs include those in agriculture, livestock, tourism, dining, skilled trades and school staff.

6. Qatar

OFWs in Qatar

One of the Middle East countries with fair opportunities for expats not only for work but in lifestyle as well, Qatar is in need of foreign workers in the oil and gas field, architecture and engineering profession, IT specialists and staff, Call center managers and staff, baristas and customer representatives among others.

7. Singapore

Kwentong OFW

Another Asian country quite near the Philippines. Singapore is known to have strict and implementing laws both for citizens and foreign workers. It is one of the safest and cleanest countries in the world, where job opportunities and high salaries are enjoyed. Among the in demand jobs for expats are bank staff, accountants, nurses, caregivers, IT and software engineers, architects and office workers. The Singapore government observes a strict procedure in hiring foreign workers.

8. Taiwan

Filipinos in Taiwan

Finding work in Taiwan as an OFW means that you are expecting as well to enjoy the different festivals being celebrated, the natural beauty of the country plus the healthy food trips. The country’s huge manufacturing economy gives available work like production operators, machine operators, factory workers for electrical companies as well as caregivers and domestic helpers.

9. United Arab Emirates

OFWs in United Arab Emirates

All over the UAE where a visit visa is allowed, there are many tourists that is why baristas, hotel and restaurant managers and staff are in demand. The booming economy and construction give work to architects, engineers, laborers, and IT specialists. Domestic helpers, company and family drivers, along with health care professionals are needed as well.

10. United Kingdom

OFWs in UK

This is a popular expat destination for professionals because they are given the chance to advance their career. Caregivers, cleaning ladies, nannies earn the respect of the locals because of their natural kindness and family – oriented traits.

As OFWs, wherever we are in the world, we must give respect to the laws and culture of the host country and we must try our best to become good examples.


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