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10 Ways to Teach Your Child to Have Multicultural Friends

Given the chance and enough financial support, many OFWs, migrant workers and expats bring their family with them to the host country. Some of their kids are of school age. Being in school gives children the experience of meeting other people aside from parents, relatives or siblings. Living abroad exposes children to kids from different cultural and family backgrounds. When different people meet, work and live along side each other, this is called multiculturalism. How can you teach your child to have multicultural friends? Below are some helpful tips; 1. Acceptance…

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Tips When Moving Abroad with Your Family

Your job in the host country has qualified you to bring your family – wife and child / children to live with you abroad. The whole family is all excited about the good news. But in reality, moving the whole family abroad is not an overnight decision to make. There are positive and confusing things to review and consider before finally packing your bags and just go. Below is a list of situations you should consider before finally moving as a whole family, to the host country; Positive situations 1.…

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OFWs 5 Personal Goals for 2018

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are among the people who have much respect for “New Year’s Resolutions” – but they call these “Personal Goals”. OFWs like many Filipinos, want to have happier lives that is why they try their best to make the New Year better than the previous year. Below is the list of OFW Personal Goals for 2018; 1. Be more positive. Problems are the reason why some OFWs feel negative about the past year. As 2018 sets in, they want to attract good vibes and having a positive attitude…

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